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The ultimate solution to highly transparent and conductive flexible substrates

Highly transparent copper metallic mesh film with very low electrical resistance that cannot be achieved with ITO films.

The need for ITO alternatives for transparent and conductive substrate

Although the big current recession is characterized by caution and cost consciousness, the world wide economy begins to stabilize. As a result the necessity for transparent and electrically conductive substrates is expected to increase and obviously it will have serious implications for the growth and penetration of ITO (indium tin oxide), as well as ITO alternatives for various applications, such as displays, touch input, solar cells, smart windows, EMI shielding, etc. ITO suffers from price volatility and, even more importantly, from a sustained high cost.

People recognize that ITO is extremely problematic. The applications where “ITO is king today” suffer from tight margins, high capital investment (overhead) and generally from the requirement of a very high visual clarity. There are cost models that show that even a modest increase in ITO and the continuous decline in the price of for example LCD displays will result in ITO dominating the bill of materials for LCD displays. This will be a major factor incenting the development and introduction of ITO alternatives in the near future.

Except the materials cost, one needs to take into account the high capital investment required for ITO films vis-à-vis the ITO alternatives that may use additive processes such as printing or related to printing.

The ITO alternatives have a big chance going forward as long as visual clarity and electrical conductivity are comparative to ITO, the cost is lower and more importantly they are available. The well recognized ITO alternatives today are:

  1. other transparent conductive oxides;
  2. transparent organic conductors (conductive polymers);
  3. metallic inks based on nanoparticles;
  4. carbon nanotube inks;
  5. metallic meshes.

Working with a strategic partner, ANI has been able to introduce Exclucent™, the first copper metallic mesh on PET substrate which is cost effective and combines both high optical transmissivity and high electrical conductivity at an affordable price.

Exclucent™ is the ultimate solution to highly transparent and conductive flexible substrates.[Read More...]


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