Conductive Metallic Inks

Cu-IJ70 copper ink technology has been recognized as one of the 100 most significant innovations of 2010 by R&D Magazine.

We have developed several ink technologies to create conductive patterns using cutting edge inkjet printing technologies. Our R&D is conducted on several different platforms utilizing common substrates such as Kapton, PET, glass, silicon, and others. We have also validated multiple sintering/annealing processes to offer a variety of different solutions for various end user applications. Additionally, we have partnered with a leading high volume manufacturing equipment supplier to ensure a seamless transition from R&D to production. We offer various loadings of copper and silver nanoparticles. For more information, please contact sales(at)

ANI Aluminum Ink

ANI's Al-iS1000 is low viscosity aluminum ink designed for patterning metal contacts onto silicon solar cells via spray coating and aerosolized jetting. Al-iS1000 can be thermally cured in air to form conductive patterns on solar cells. [Read More...]

ANI Nanoparticle Copper Ink

Our copper ink technology is poised to replace the industry standard silver and gold based inks for price sensitive applications in the printed electronics industry. We have solved many technical issues that have prevented our competitors from commercializing copper based inks. [Read More...]

ANI Nanoparticle Nickel Ink (experimental)

ANI’s nickel nanoparticle ink is suitable for printing highly conductive lines and patterns for applications in the printed electronics and solar industry. It is formulated to print narrow conductive electrodes and to form low resistance electrical contacts for solar cells. [Read More...]

ANI Nanoparticle Silver Ink

Our silver nanoparticle ink technology achieves high conductivity in various formulations due to the small particle size and uniform dispersions of our inks. [Read More...]


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