CNT Composites

Having worked with carbon nanotubes since the mid-1990s, we are well versed in harnessing its outstanding unique properties for a variety of applications. Our R&D in CNT composites focuses on developing innovations that address market demands and solve technical impasses and the limits of existing polymer materials.

CNT Epoxy

The objective of our CNT epoxy program has been to reinforce epoxy with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to take advantage of CNTs mechanical properties while reducing the weight of materials needed for a specified application. The challenges for developing an enhanced CNT epoxy nanocomposite are the dispersion of the CNTs, strong bonding with the epoxy, transformation of mechanical properties' improvement to the fiber reinforced plastics, and enhanced results in an application. [Read more...]

CNTstix™ adhesive product

CNTstix™ is an ultra-strong carbon-nanotube reinforced adhesive for structural applications. With the global market for adhesives projected to reach $38 billion by the year 2017, Applied Nanotech’s two-part carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy adhesive performs much better than similar products on the market. Tested by a leading independent laboratory in North America, the adhesion tear strength of CNTstix™ is more 60% higher than that of a popular adhesive manufactured by a leading industry competitor. [Read more...]

CNT Nylons

The addition of CNTs to nylons can enhance certain mechanical properties and the electrically conductivity of this normally insulating material. In researching mechanical improvements, ANI achieved improvements of tensile strength by 24%, flexural modulus by 48% and impact strength by 4% over neat nylon 6, while elongation is maintained at 100%. [Read more...]

CNT Glass Fiber

ANI has harnessed its expertise in CNT enhanced composites to develop a strengthened fiberglass that can be used for wind turbine blades and other applications with long lifetime requirements. Fiberglass turbine blades used for wind energy need to withstand a range of environmental conditions over many years. [Read more...]

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