The very essence of nanotechnology is dealing with materials at the nanometer scale. Designing materials at the nanoscale level can lead to products that achieve enhanced performance and often with more efficient and less costly manufacturing processes. We are currently working in several areas to create functional nanomaterials.

CNT Composites

Nanocomposites are composite materials that contain particles in the size range of 1-100nm. A small quantity of nanoparticles, generally 0.5% - 5% is added to a material to create a new material with enhanced properties. This new material, containing the original material and nanoparticles, is known as a nanocomposite. We are focusing our development efforts on CNT nanocomposites including enhanced epoxies, nylons, carbon fiber and glass fiber prepregs and panels. [Read more...]

Thermal Management

CarbAl™ heat transfer material, recognized as one of the 100 most significant product innovations in 2009 by R&D magazine

Temperature control is the number one cause of failure for electronics. Electronics have long suffered from heat buildup, "hot spots" and breakages as a result of thermal stresses created by temperature control issues.  Minimizing thermal stresses and removing heat quickly from a heat source to keep a device cool can have a direct result on the viability of an electronics device and dramatically improve product lifetime and reliability. [Read more...]


As a research and commercialization organization, Applied Nanotech encourages others to work with nanometric materials to be inventive also. ANI offers nanoparticles for purchase in both research and commercial quantities. [Read more...]

Graphene Films

ANI offers graphene films with diameters up to 13 cm and area densities of 0.1 to 2.0 mg/cm2. The nanometer size graphene crystallites (flakes) forming a film are tightly packed and have highly ordered in-plane orientation. The graphene films are an excellent choice for ion charge stripping applications. [Read more...]

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