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Applied Nanotech, Inc., a PEN Inc. company, is the PEN Design Center focused on developing new products for the PEN family of companies using nanotechnology approaches. We are a leading company in understanding and exploiting nanotechnology to solve specific problems. Our objective is to create value for shareholders by generating significant, predictable and repeatable revenue through product development and prototyping of products.

Located in Austin, Texas, our team of scientists and engineers works with companies and organizations to solve technical impasses and create innovations that establish a competitive advantage for the PEN family.

 Applied Nanotech maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.



Dr. Richard Fink is the President of Applied Nanotech, Inc. Dr. Fink began working on carbon-based field emission and ion source applications in 1993. Today, he directs all engineering activities and leads the marketing and sales efforts. He is an inventor or co-inventor of over 25 issued US patents. An active community member, Dr. Fink has served as chairman of the Texas Chapter of the Society for Information Display for several years, has served on church councils and volunteered for community service.​​

Richard Fink, Ph.D.



Currently there are no open positions, but we are always looking for another extraordinary person to join our team. If you would like to send your resume you can forward it via email to dfink@appliednanotech.net​


October 2017

Characterization of graphene stripper foils in 11-MeV cyclotrons

May 2012

Graphene Stripper Foils

August 2012

Novel Approaches to Thermal Management for Power LED Packaging

October 2012

Power Electronics PCB Concept for Thermal Management

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