Copper Ink & Paste

Our copper ink technology is poised to replace the industry standard silver- and gold-based inks for price sensitive applications in the printed electronics industry. Our copper inks offer several advantages: Patterned using inkjet, aerosol jet, screen printing, dispensing and other additive manufacturing technologies, Rapid cure using photo-sintering at room temperature and in ambient air environment, making it easier to integrate into high-volume production lines, Used on flexible polymer substrates, such as polyimide or PET.

Cu-IJ70 Nanoparticle Copper Ink

Cu-IJ70 is a copper nanoparticle ink suitable for printing highly conductive lines and patterns for applications in the printable electronics and PCB industry. Cu-OC70 is optimized for aerosol jet printing.  Both can be printed and sintered to form conductive patterns on flexible substrate materials such as polyimide, liquid crystal polymer (LCP), and certain coated papers.  Cu loading is available ranging from 30% – 50%.  The patterned copper ink can be photosintered in atmosphere onto polymeric substrates to achieve highly-conductive Cu traces.

Cu-IJ70 Spec and Application Sheet

Cu-OC70 Spec and Application Sheet

Cu-PM530 Micro Copper Paste

Cu-PM530 micro copper paste is formulated for screen printing techniques. The Cu-PM530 paste is designed for flexible substrates commonly used in printed electronics. Examples substrates include PET, Paper, Polycarbonate, ABS and FR4 composite materials. The micro copper paste provides excellent electrical properties and is an excellent replacement for silver based conductors. This paste has 50% Cu loading.

Cu-PM530 Spec & Application Sheet

Cu-PS70 Micro Copper Paste

Cu-PS70 is a copper nanoparticle paste suitable for patterning highly conductive lines for applications in the printable electronics and PCB industry. Cu-PS70 provides excellent electrical properties on silicon, and polyimide substrates. Cu-PS70 is an excellent replacement for silver based conductors. 60-80% Cu loading.

Cu-PS70 Spec & Application Sheet

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