Copper Nickel Alloy Ink Materials

ANI’s CuNi-IJ5545 and CuNi-IJ5050 are CuNi alloys (50/50 and 55/45=constantan respectively) ink suitable for printing lines and patterns useful for printed resistors, strain gauges, thermopiles and thermocouple applications.  CuNi-OC5050 and CuNi-OC5545 are optimized for aerosol jet printing.    These can be printed and cured to form conductive patterns on substrates such as silicon, ceramics and Kapton.  The alloy particle size in these inks range from 20-40nm. Printed copper-nickel alloy ink on plastic substrates can be photosintered in atmosphere to produce conductive copper-nickel alloy traces.  There are also paste versions of these materials.

CuNi-IJ70 Spec and Application Sheet

CuNi-OC70 Spec and Application Sheet

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