Applied Nanotech, Inc. is proud to present papers at many industry conferences. Below is a list of papers presented at recent conferences. If you have any questions about any of the papers below feel free to contact us.

Date Article
Oct '12 Power Electronics PCB Concept for Thermal Management Power Electronics Technology magazine
Jul/Aug '12 Novel Approaches to Thermal Management for Power LED Packaging LED professional Review
Sep '09 The Symbiotic Relationship of Nanotechnology and Creativity, Managing a Company in Turbulence Nanobusiness Alliance Conference 2009
Sep '09 Improving Mechanical Properties Of Nanocomposites Using Carbon Nanotubes Nanodays
Aug '09 Nanotechnology and Its Contribution to Technical Inks for Printed Electronics EuroDisplay 2009
Apr '09 Novel inkjettable copper ink utilizing processing temperatures under 100 degrees C without the need of inert atmosphere Printed Electronics Europe 2009
Mar '09 Nanotechnology, managing a high-tech company in turbulence NanoIsrael 2009

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