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Applied Nanotech, Inc. is featured in industry publications. Below is a list of articles about ANI and its technologies. Also see our Articles page for ANI authored articles.

Date Article Publication
Sept '13 Solar deal could change the industry ChinaDaily USA
Aug '12 Carbon Nanotubes Reinforce Adhesive Design News
Aug '12 Applied Nanotech’s New Microcopper Ink Material for Low-Cost Direct Printing of Electronic Circuits
Aug '12 Applied Nanotech Unveils Microcopper Ink Printed Circuit Design & Fab
Jul '12 Applied Nanotech Unveils Family of Thermally-Conductive Bonding Materials Thermal News
Jun '12 GFRP Self-Healing Ballistic Panels Composites Manufacturing
Jun '12 Applied Nanotech Holdings Wins U.S. Army Contract for Self-Healing Panels TMCnet
May '12 New Family of Highly Thermally-Conductive Bonding Materials Electronics Cooling
Mar '12 APPLIED Nanotech has introduced a passive thermal management material called CarbAl™, for use in hot-running electronics Electronics news (Australia)
Feb '12 Applied Nanotech Awarded U.S. Army Contract for Thermal Management of Portable Energy Systems: Expands production capacity of CarbAl™ material Nanotechnology Now
Feb '12 Applied Nanotech gets $730K Army contract Austin Business Journal
Jan '12 Applied Nanotech to Develop Thermal Management Materials for U.S. Army
Oct '11 Profit from the Explosive Growth in Nanotechnology RedChip Blog
July '11 Affordable Solar Panels FOX news Austin
May '11 Video highlights from Applied Nanotech’s ribbon cutting ceremony for its Solar Inks Pilot Manufacturing Line
Mar '11 Nano Printing: Cutting Solar PV Costs by More Than a Quarter. InterPV magazine
Feb '11 Yonex announces new badminton racquet line, Voltric 80, using Nanopreme™ (based on ANI’s CNT nanotechnology). Yonex press release
Feb '11 Functionalized carbon nanotubes expand epoxy applications SMALLTIMES®
Jan '11 Yonex starts new golf club products using Nanopreme (based on ANI's CNT nanotechnology). Yonex press release
Oct '10 Applied Nanotech (OTC-BB: APNT) Makes the Move from Research to Commercialization The OTC Investor
Jul '10 Sporting Goods Industry Adopts Multi-Walled Nanotubes Composites Manufacturing Magazine
Sep '09 Applied Nanotech to receive funding for the development of solar technology The Solarserver
Sep '09 Pg. 9 - Carbon-aluminum nanocomposite has high thermal conductivity Advanced Materials & Processes
Jul '09 Battle against damaging heat finds new hero R&D Magazine
Apr '09 Technical Development Materials Award Printed Electronics Awards
Oct '08 Aerosol Jet printing of copper inks Printed Electronics World
Aug '08 Applied Nanotech Holdings Inc. (APNT.OB) Begins Commercialization Process of Nanotechnologies AOL Journals
Aug '08 Carbon Nanotube TFTs and Flexible Substrates Mobile Display Report
Aug '08 Carbon nanotubes enable flexible, printed electronics Military & Aerospace Electronics
Jul/Aug '08 Software for predictive modeling of toxin migration and lethality within building structures to optimize the placement of CB sensors in buildings, transportation hubs, and other public venues Gases & Instrumentation
Jul '08 Nano-inks could advance printed electronics EE Times
Jun '08 Applied Nanotech Specializes in Problem Solving Ink World
May '08 Nanotech makes radioactive sensors obsolete EE Times

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