Printed Electronics

The printed electronics industry is changing the way we interface with electronics by enabling applications such as radio frequency identification tags (RFIDs), flexible electronics/displays, low cost photovoltaics, conformal antennas, and smart active coatings. In the future, complete electronic systems may even be entirely printed using a variety of technical inks.

Applied Nanotech has developed a portfolio of high-performance low-cost nanoparticle inks and pastes to address the needs of the emerging printed electronics industry. Our expertise in nanoparticle ink formulations, application specific R&D, and strategic supply chain partners enable us to quickly and efficiently meet the demands of the market. We offer a total solution to the customer by providing not only the ink and paste materials, but also R&D prototyping services (see ), including printing and post processing hardware, for a variety of substrates and applications.

We have assembled strategic alliances with key partners in the supply chain that enable us to fine tune the performance of our inks from the base nanoparticle materials all the way to implementation in an assembly line. This ensures that we can provide the best solution for our customers and smoothly transition from applications R&D to full scale production. By vertically integrating our supply chain, Applied Nanotech, Inc. is able to dynamically adapt to changes in the market and specific customer demands.  Our downstream partners include leading printing and post-process hardware manufacturers, who are able to create application specific high volume equipment such as roll-to-roll systems. Our ink formulations have been optimized for use with mass production equipment. This allows for short development cycles when we are presented with unique customer needs, reducing the time to bring their products to market and enabling our customers to focus on their core business.

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