Isotope Targets

Combining our ability to make carbon foils and expertise in nanoparticle-based inks and pastes for printed electronics, we have produced and delivered targets that incorporate nanoparticles of target materials embedded in a carbon foil matrix.  With this approach, thin targets can be made from materials that are not otherwise easily made into thin target formats.  Targets of rhenium, hafnium, tungsten, bismuth, chromium, and others have been delivered to customers using this approach.  This works as easily for metals, oxides, carbides, and other compounds (dependent on target requirements).  The key advantage is the near-100% material efficiency of incorporating the isotopes into the carbon matrix (i.e. very little waste of material in target fabrication). 

Example 1: Rhenium Impregnated Foils

(5mg/cm2 rhenium in 2 mg/cm2 carbon)

Example 2: Cr-52 Electroplated Foil

Our carbon foils may also be used as a substrate for plating or depositing isotopes on the surface of the foils. 

Rhenium Impregnated Foils
Cr-52 Electroplated Foil
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