Carbon Nanotube-reinforced Epoxy (CNT Epoxy)

Epoxy is widely used in industry with an estimated world market of $15 Billion. Epoxy formulations are used as adhesives, paints, coatings, and composites. Epoxy is increasingly being used within composite materials as an alternative to traditional materials such as metals, metal alloys and wood.

The objective of our CNT epoxy program has been to reinforce epoxy with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to take advantage of CNTs mechanical properties while reducing the weight of materials needed for a specified application. The challenges for developing an enhanced CNT epoxy nanocomposite are the dispersion of the CNTs, strong bonding with the epoxy, transformation of mechanical properties' improvement to the fiber reinforced plastics, and enhanced results in an application. ANI solved these issues with patent pending processes and know-how that result in uniform dispersion of CNTs throughout the epoxy, filling in the epoxy/resin gaps to create significant improvements in strength, toughness, durability, vibration damping and other mechanical properties. The results of our epoxy enhancements translate to the carbon or glass fiber reinforced prepreg and to the final composite application.

ANI's CNT-reinforced nanocomposite technology has helped to propel ANI to its status as an innovator in the field of nanomaterials and nanocomposites. Our client-funded research and development activities related to the improvement of tennis and badminton racquets led to a licensing agreement with a major Japanese sporting goods company (see Oct. 8 2008 press release link).

SEM images of the flexural surface of the CNT-epoxy (left) and CNT-reinforced CFRP (right)
CNT-epoxy: CNTs are very well dispersed in epoxy matrix   CNT-reinforced CFRP High magnification shows CNTs are penetrated in-between the carbon fibers and well dispersed in the epoxy

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