We are a leader in nanomaterial manipulation for a variety of sensor applications. We are providing nanosensor technologies aimed at the "3 S's" that are critical in the sensor business, namely:

  • Sensitivity
  • Selectivity
  • Specificity

Nanotechnology offers a unique advantage to the sensor industry by manipulating materials in the size regime at which sensing events occur. Sensors and nanotechnology have a complementary relationship since both rely upon molecular level phenomenon.

We are pursuing a multiple platform approach to address specific market needs, accelerate product development and to gain intellectual property leadership in the nanosensors arena. A single sensor platform can be used to detect multiple gases and will draw upon existing manufacturing, packaging and test protocols in the sensor industry. We currently offer four sensor platforms that cover major gas sensor technologies:

We are addressing critical problems in the gas sensor industry using nanotechnology in a platform approach. This approach enables rapid product development with R&D efforts applied across platforms to a suite of sensors. The electronic drive circuitry, sensor packaging, software, and noise compensation are developed in the platform level and fine-tuned to the sensor level. Thus, we are able to achieve cost reduction, improve sensor efficiency, and reach unparalleled sensor performance using nano-enabled sensors.

Sensor Platforms Sensor
Application Sensing Material Capability
MNPS Resistive Hydrogen Nano Palladium Hydrogen only
ECNT Electro-chemical Glucose Carbon nanotubes Liquids and gases
SPS Optical Carbon dioxide IR, microphones >150 gases
IMS Ion Filter Mercaptans & Breath Analysis MEMS Device >150 gases

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