PhotoScrub® is a fiberglass material coated with a photocatalyst based on nanocrystalline anatase allotrope of titanium dioxide. Photoscrub® is effective in decomposition of VOCs, as well as in inactivation and decomposition of pathogen microorganisms such as E. coli, B. anthracis, influenza virus, and others.

Biological Threats and Indoor Air Pollution are of a Great Concern

PhotoScrub® has been developed under a contract with the United States Army to extend the technology to other bio-threats related to homeland security, and to assess its performance in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

PhotoScrub®   Conventional Photocatalyst
Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst   Photocatalyst treated by slurry coating method (using binder)
  • PhotoScrub® material is superior to other existing titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials.
  • PhotoScrub® has demonstrated effective collection and inactivation of bacteria and viruses - including Ames strain anthrax bacterium.


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