Thermal Management

CarbAl™ Heat Transfer Material

Temperature control is the number one cause of failure for electronics. It results in more failures than caused by dust, humidity, vibration and all other harmful conditions. The lifetime of products that contain processors, video chips, LEDs, lasers, solar cells, and IGBTs is greatly affected by the ability to keep components at cool temperatures.

With the understanding of material interfaces and interaction at the nano-scale, a passive thermal management material has been created that has been recognized as one of the 100 most significant product innovations in 2009 by R&D magazine. When R&D magazine made its “R&D 100 Award” announcement they referred to CarbAl™ heat transfer material as the “new hero” in the battle against damaging heat. The CarbAl™ heat transfer material provides a thermal management solution for temperature control issues that have plagued electronics manufacturers for decades. Electronics have long suffered from heat buildup, “hot spots” and breakages as a result of thermal stresses created by temperature control issues.

The unique combination of low density, high thermal diffusivity, high thermal conductivity, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) results in a material that far exceeds the capabilities of conventional passive thermal management materials.

CarbAl ™ comes in two grades of materials

– CarbAl-G is made from graphitic material by an extrusion method.  It is made in the form of cylinders of diameter of 450 mm and desired length.

– CarbAl-N is manufactured starting with CarbAl-G and then infusing molten aluminum at high pressure to fill the pores with aluminum metal. 

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